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Ex-hire Ebikes

There are 2 superb ex-hire Ebikes for sale, their main plus points are excellent motors and they fit a wide range of heights.

The first bike, pictured below, is a Bristol Bikes S’Park, in a medium large size. Its Unisex so suits both men and women. With disc brakes it stops quickly, and the brake pads last an age compared to rim brakes, plus your not going to wear your wheel rims out braking – really important on a heavy Ebike!

Its on sale for 1150:00. Its been used for 6 weeks and has less than 100 miles on the clock.

The S’Park got an amazing review from Ebiketips – read it here

The second bike, pictured below, is an Adventure road sport ladies Ebike. Its a really lovely bike in an eye catching blue colour. Its biggest plus point is it has a Shimano Steps Ebike motor system, one of the 2 market leading systems (the other is Bosch).  Its range is also a big plus, 60 miles on one charge (hills, wind and weight dependent of course!)

Its on sale for 1550, the RRP is 2250 so its a bargain, and its done less than 250 miles.  Its a medium but again like the first bike fits a wide range of riders, from short to tall.

Here is a link to the Adventure website with a bit more information about the bike









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