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1000 miles in April

We’ve been following a blog on the Morvelo Kinesis Project by a rider called Rob Lee , he’s come up with the proposition of riding 1000 miles in April.  The idea was sparked by doing something memorable in tribute to those who have inspired us to get on a bike, back on a bike or to ride further or faster!  Its certainly an experience that should stick with us.  I’m doing the ride in tribute to a little girl who recently passed away.

Bike of mate that got me 'back on'

We’re going to have a tough time getting the miles in as we have a total of 5 days currently in April that we won’t be able to ride, that ups our daily average mileage by quite a bit.  We’ve also got to run the shop and so don’t have the luxury of any days off apart from Sundays.  So we are going to have to squeeze in as much riding after work as possible.  We’ve worked out we need to do about 38 miles a day to hit the target, whilst that’s not much for a ride getting it done day in day out is going to be tough.  There’s also the boredom factor of doing the same routes, we’ll have to be creative and find some different rides to do.  The other limiting factor round here are the hills, we’re going to have to find some easyish routes so we don’t wreck our legs.  Of course we’ll still do some ‘hard’ routes 2 or 3 times a week, but a flatish ride will make a welcome break.

We’ll update our mileage on this blog each day, and write about our experiences along the way.