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Bath Cycle Races

Neither of us have ever done a cycle race so having done quite a bit of cycling over the last few years we thought we’d enter the Bath Cycle Races.  The trouble is there’s ‘cycling’ and then there’s ‘cycle racing’ don’t ever confuse the two we learned the hard way!  Still its better to have tried and failed than to have never given it a go!

The results of our feeble attempt were Becci in last place 1 lap down total time 24.09 with a best lap time of 2.33, and I was 3rd from bottom 1 lap down total time 33.46 with the best lap in 2.18.  The only consolation is that there is a long ladder to potentially climb and we can try to better our own times, it must be harder to be the leader or somewhere near the top.

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We both were both pretty happy with the sharp corners and the effort needed to get the speed up out of the second corner, but we both felt the hill was the real difficulty.  No easy answers, just try a bit harder on the hill I guess.  We didn’t exactly do any interval training either so we don’t have the speed in our legs I guess.  Riding long sportives doesn’t prepare you for the races, pretty obvious!

We’re going to enter the last 2 races provided the spaces on the line are available (should be no problem for the women’s race as there are so few women racing).  I enjoyed making myself feel sick, cramped stomach, hacking cough and dead legs the following day.  Becci didn’t succumb to any similar aches and pains, just felt a bit tired right after the race – and got frozen cold at the end despite nabbing my extra layers!

See you at the races! (Every Wednesday evening in May in Victoria Park, Bath)