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Carradice Luggage

We’re quite keen on supporting British ‘made in UK’ brands.  So stocking in Carradice seemed commonsense.  Carradice panniers and luggage are highly regarded by British bike tourers and commuters.  Their signature luggage items are handmade canvas ‘Cotton Duck’ roll saddle bags, which we have in stock.  But here we are taking a look at their more ‘up to date’ 100% waterproof panniers.

I first came across Carradice luggage at the Cycle Show at Birmingham’s NEC last year, I knew about them before this and it was great to see it in the flesh.  They had an amazing collection on display including a new range of ‘designer’ Ally Capellino waxed cotton bags.  These can be ordered in if required but what really interested me were the practical everyday panniers.

The rucksack pannier is really genius, there are others out there but I don’t think done quite as well.  The rucksack straps are attached to the pannier, with velcro webbing and standard buckles, really easy to take on and off.  The bag itself is constructed with high frequency welded seams, less material is used and 100% waterproof as they don’t need to tape stitched seams.  The best bit about it is that it is only £60 and comes with a very nice padded laptop holder, complete with accessory pouches, it holds 27 litres.

Rucksack pannier

There are 2 other types of pannier that we have in the shop, universal / front panniers and  rear panniers. The universal / front panniers can be used on the rear!  The one feature that is nice on these panniers is the bombproof rack attachment, it really is secure and very easy to click on and off.  The universal / front panniers carry 20 litres for the pair and the rear panniers 58 litres for the pair.

Rear pannier with side zip pocket

They are prices at £55 and £85 for the pair respectively.  All the bags have plenty of reflective detailing, without being garish.  Replaceable items are guaranteed for 2 years (zips / hooks) and if the bag fails due to manufacturing defects will be repaired at Carradice’s discretion, pretty much a lifetime guarantee for the original owner then!

Universal / front pannier