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Kinesis builds

We’re having a bit of a Kinesis themed craze at the moment! So here’s a quick blog about some of the different models that have been chosen by customers, and us.

The Decade Tripster


This has proved to be very popular recently; and with good reason!

With it’s disc compatibility, ability to take rack, full mudguards and large knobly tyres the Tripster is perfect to use as a commuter, and can be built with flat handlebars if prefered. However, just because it’s practical doesn’t mean it’s not fast- it can take 23 mm tyres, and with it’s drop bars you can still use it as a weekend worker.

It’s a cyclocross frame at heart, with the geometry taken from the crosslight series, so can really handle anything you throw at it, however, a longer headtube provides a more relaxed ride.

Basically, this bike can be whatever you want it to be! That’s the joy of it- fancy doning your lycra and getting in the miles? Hitting the trails? Slinging on the jeans for a more casual jaunt? Or carrying loads like trailers and kids? This bike will do it all!

The one we have in the shop is the build kit from Kinesis, you can see the specs here.

(Road CC did a nice reveiw of it here)

Crosslight Pro 6

So on to my bike of choice.

I’ve wanted to try out a cross bike for a while, and the choices available from Kinesis always looked like some of the most attractive ones out there. Plus the idea of having disc brakes on the road, especially for the winter, seemed like such a sensible one.

You can now get the Pro 6 as a bike build kit, with 105 throughout, Tektro brakes and FSA chainset and components. It works out to be good value that way (£1399), however I was keen to get a 105 chainset and already have my own saddle, so went for getting the frame to build up how I wanted.

The Pro 6 is designed with racing in mind, so has a more aggresive geometry than the Tripster – a shorter headtube for getting low and tapered headtube for strength on off road lumps and bumps.

I’ve had a couple of rides out on it now and been really impressed. It feels strong and sturdy, yet is also agile and certainly no slow poke! The disc brakes are also amazing to use on the road, even for a mechanical, relatively inexpensive set. They have so much more strength then a calliper- you feel much more in control when going down hill, which around these parts is no bad thing!

(Reveiw from Road CC here and Bike radar here)

(Bike build info here)

Granfondo Ti – coming soon!

Tom’s next bike will be a Granfondo in titanium, he could get one now, but he’s waiting for some of the first of the second version to arrive!


In store Kinesis stock!


Currently we have:

Cross light 5T 54 cm

Racelight TK3 54 cm

Tripster 54 cm


Coming soon….

Racelight T2 51 cm (demo and rental bike)

Racelight T2 57 cm (demo and rental bike)



So there are plenty of different Kinesis bikes to try out – and all can be ordered in if a different size or colour are required.